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All valves and controls that you need

Expansion valves TE, TEX, TEN, TES
Solenoid valves ERV, ERVA, EVI, EVIP
PM valves, PML, PMLX
Pressure contrls KP, MP, 
Stop valves BML, GBC,
Sight glass and drier SGN, DCL, DRC, DML
Electronic valves and controls Adapkool AKA, AKC AKS
and many other


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We deliver all types of compressors to all applications
refrigeration, HVAC, cabinet and much more

Hermetic compressors
Semi-hermetic compressors
Piston, scroll, spiral, rotary

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Complete range of evaporator upto 160kW cooling capacity
Working temperature range -40C to +20C
and condenser upto 700kW

Available stockEKA Evaporator


EKA Evaporator


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Stock available

ECH Condenser

German SFC axial fan special design for refrigeration and airconditioning applications

German SFC Fan

German SFC Fan



Available from 250mm-1000mm
Motor protection class IP44 to IP66


Stock available

German SFC Fan

German SFC Fan


Product overview

Best in class instrumentation products

Needle Valves

Pressure Gauge

Wide range of high quality Instrumentation products serving various industries

Pressure gauge, pressure monitoring and controls
Pressure and temperature transmitter and tranducer with digital display
Needle valves with multiports,
Force instrument
Diaphram valves and seal


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Stock availale from June 2011


Submersible Transmitter


Flexi hoses for controls panel

Flexi hoses

Flexible hoses and fittings for control panel

Straight and angle fitting
upto 120bar


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Complete range of leak detection system

Gas detection system for refrigeration, HVAC and various other industries

Capable of detecting leak of HFC, HCFC, NH3 refrigerant

CO2, toxic gas

For installation in machine room, cold room, storage room, duct,

or any where else that has the need

for leak detection

Samon leak detection system

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Aspen Pumps for Condensate water.

Orange Mini Pump Mini Lime Aspen Pump

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